The 12 Laws of High Impact Presentations

Programmes-The-12-Laws-of-High-Impact-PresentationsThe simple truth is that no matter how much knowledge an individual has, if he or she is unable to speak effectively or make a presentation that is engaging & inspiring; they will NEVER be able to influence others. In a world where globalization is increasingly crucial, every organisation needs people who are erudite (cultured) as speakers and urbane (polished & refined) as presenters. If a company needs to compete in the world market, then their staffs need to be excellent communicators.

At EQ Training & Development, we offer the 12 Laws of High Impact Presentations programme that will teach techniques on how to prepare and make speeches, give talks in the public domain and make proper presentations. The programme will instruct participants on how to develop and make presentations with or without visual aids (the dreaded PowerPoint slides) that are engaging and pitchy (to the point).

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