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Client Testimonials

Kamaruddin Mape, Bulletin Utama TV3 (Media Prima Berhad) Seelan Paul - Media Prima Berhad Theuns van Reeunen - Siemens Rohani Mustaffa of CIMB Group Joue Chang - GPL Group Sailendra Kanagasundaram - MagiqAds (Redberry Group) Raymond Sagaram - Boston Consulting Group Anne Chua, Niro Ceramic Group Law Hun Ley - News Straits Times Paper (NSTP)…
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The 12 Laws of Communication Excellence

The skill of being an excellent communicator is essential for all aspects of our business and private lives. This programme is designed for team members who need to maximize their ability to communicate and work with others, avoiding conflict and disharmony. EQTD’s programme will increase their ability to listen and comprehend the intention/message behind the…
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The 12 Laws Of The Art Of Negotiation

Negotiations crop up on the way to decisions; both big and small – like when to fill the petrol tank right up to buying a dream home. Principled negotiation is a strategy that seeks to move both parties away from polarizing and usually entrenched positions, and into the realm of interests. It asks how both…
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