Changing The Customer Mindset & Sales Management


In today’s transparent world (and in today’s competitive environment), you need your team working for you, your clients, and together more than ever. Whether new to sales, or simply in need of improved sales and communication skills, every sales person needs to develop more advanced sales techniques rooted in attitude, personal organisation and core sales disciplines.

EQTD’s Changing the Customer Mindset programme will help participants learn how to prepare for the sales meeting and to effectively address the emotional subtexts and secondary conversations that can make or break a complex sale.

Programme Content
  • Breaking out of your Comfort Zone
  • Understanding and Managing Customer Perception
  • Defining the Change of the Customer Mindset and Managing Objections
  • The 4 steps necessary to change someone’s mind
Learning Outcomes
Participants will gain the following insights from the programme.

  • To learn to target and attract the right people with pull prospecting
  • To identify and tailor persuasive strategies to a prospect’s decision-making style
  • To move prospects forward to the next stage of the sale so that accelerating and closing the sale feels frictionless to both prospect and sales professional.
  • To learn what questions to ask at each way-point in the sale
  • To phrase questions diplomatically while retaining full persuasive power

Our Most Recent Changing The Customer Mindset Clients

Daikin, York, Accent, Hitachi, Danone Dumex

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