Creating High Performance Culture


Decades of research shows that an organization’s culture is the key factor in its performance. A multiyear Harvard Business school study on the links between corporate culture and performance found that high-performance cultures resulted in 682% revenue growth versus just 166% for low performing cultures. Net income growth was 756% versus 1%!

The accelerating pace of change, new technologies, customer demands, e-commerce, workforce demographics, business model challenges, fierce competition, shareholder expectations, margin pressures, shrinking cycle times, shifting work ethics, and the like are pulling organizations in many directions. Now, more than ever, organizations need the bonding glue of a strong culture to hold everything and everyone together.

High performing organizations pull together the intangible leadership issues that define their unique character and rally people around a deeper sense of purpose. These powerful feelings are made tangible through the strong implementation of management processes and systems that translate ideals into action. It’s recognizing that vision without an action plan is just a dream. Action without a vision is drudgery.

The EQTD Consulting – Creating a High Performance Culture Programme brings together the multifarious facets required for creating and building a high performance culture in your workplace and delivers the programme in an engaging and interactive manner that ensures that participants leave with life-long learning.

Programme Content
The programme focuses on practical understanding for the participants. The contents are:

  • Module 1: Understanding High Performance Culture
  • Module 2: The Integrated Organization for High Performance Culture
  • Module 3: The Power of the Team in High Performance Culture
  • Module 4: Finding High Performance Focus
  • Module 5: High Performance Personal Strategies
  • Module 6: High Performance Tools
  • Module 7: Putting High Performance Culture together
Learning Outcomes
Participants will develop:

  • Define and agree upon what a high performance culture looks like for your organization;
  • Get practical tips, tools, and techniques clearly showing you how to develop a high performance culture;
  • Extensive ‘how to’ workbooks with practical application ideas;
  • Assess your current team or organizational culture against world class standards;
  • Pinpoint performance gaps and priorities to be addressed;
  • Integrate and coordinate your organization’s current changes and improvement programs;
  • Establish the key elements and priorities of your culture change planning process;
  • Identify the barriers to energizing and mobilizing people to building a high-performance culture and establish practical action plans to overcome them;
  • Clarify/redefine technical, management, and leadership roles and responsibilities;
  • Reflection time to reassess personal and professional priorities;
  • See how to leverage team and organizational strengths;
  • Refocus and pull together culture change programs and initiatives;
  • Recharge and reenergize;
  • Learn how to build strong teams and foster individual commitment.

Our Most Recent Creating A High Performance Culture Clients

Malaysian-German Chamber fo Commerce & Industry (MGCC), Hitachi, Daikin, Empire, Sapura Industrial Berhad, Accretech, CIMB, Tosei Co. Ltd Thailand, Siemens, Ayamas, KFC, Pizza Hut

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