Culinary Teambuilding Challenge

EQTD’s Culinary Team Challenge represents a microcosm of the working world in any organization that comprises of working together in teams, meeting deadlines and achieving targets.

EQTD Consulting (EQTD) together with its culinary arts venue partner, Berjaya University College of Hospitality (BUCH), offers this 1-day Culinary Team Challenge.

Using cooking as a medium of learning, the programme will promote:

  • Social interaction
  • Strengthening of team skills
  • Achievement of team goals

This programme will ensure that participants realize how an organization’s common vision and shared goals should be perceived and how they will have to work together to achieve them.

The Methodology

The participants will be divided into Teams and each Team will have 2 departments:

  1. Cooking Crew
  2. Restaurant Front of House Crew

Each Team will have a General Manager and 2 Departmental Heads.

The training objective for each Team is to present:

  • A three (3-course) meal
  • Manage the meal at a restaurant setting for a taste test
Culinary Team Challenge
  • This programme will focus on the 4Ps Culture of: Planning, Prioritizing, Practicing and Performing.
  • A major learning component is also on the development of CULTURE
  • The teambuilding elements will be incorporated into a Culinary Challenge (CC)
The Assessment
Each Team will be assessed on:

  • Teamwork & exhibition of the 4P culture (30 marks)
  • Time management (15 marks)
  • Innovate usage of ingredients (15 marks)
  • Food presentation (15 marks)
  • Taste (25 marks)

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