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Programmes-Strategic-ManagementStrategic planning is simply a formalized method for guiding an organization from where it is to where it wants to be. It involves a thoughtful understanding of the organization and its current environment, a clear definition of what the desired future for the organization is, and an ongoing sensitivity to emerging and future changes within and outside of the organization.

The EQTD Consulting (EQTD) Strategic Thinking & Planning programme will focus on helping participants understand that strategic planning is creating conditions in organizations that get people at every level of the organization to think and act strategically & every decision, every action, every day for the long-term.

Programme Objectives
To ensure participants understand and internalize the various components of thinking strategically to create a plan for their organization. The components that will be examined in this programme are:

  • Vision – A description of the ideal future of the organization and the outcomes it hopes to create for its stakeholders
  • Mission Statement – A description of who the organization serves and how the organization will structure itself to accomplish its preferred future (vision)
  • Core Values and Beliefs – Statements of belief that describe behaviors and ideas that are important to the organization and which guide individual action throughout the organization.
  • Strategic Issues – A description of key issues that the organization chooses to address to enable it to close the gap between the ideal world it wishes to create and the real world that exists today.
  • Operational Plans – The specific decisions and actions that departments, work teams, and individuals intend to take in line with the strategic agenda (vision, mission, values and strategic issues)
Programme Content
The programme will be delivered by examining 4 steps in strategic thinking and planning. They form the core content of the programme.

    1. Take Stock of the Present
    2. Assess the Internal and External Environment
    1. Create A Vision of the Future
    2. Define Key Guiding Principles or Values
    1. Identify Critical Strategic Issues
    2. Develop Goals and Detailed Action Plans for Each Strategic Issue
    1. Develop Operational Plans
    2. Monitor Actions, Evaluate Progress, and Revise the Plan

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CIMB, Accretech, Sapura Industrial Berhad, Ipmuda Berhad, Talentcorp, Dutch Lady Malaysia, CREST

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