Teambuilding Programme

The growth of any organization is firmly rooted in its Human Resource. Team Building brings about commonality and acts as the gelling agent that brings organizations together.

The aim of the EQTD Consulting (EQTD), MAKING TEAMS WORK ™ Teambuilding programme is to ensure that all employees realize the need to work together so that the common vision and shared goals of the Company. The programme will focus on offering them the tools to motivate themselves and their teams as high-performing leaders, to increase productivity and bottom-line profits.

Delivery Methodology
To achieve this objective, EQTD’s programme will focus on “Learning”? and “Teambuilding Activities”? which form the foundation of the programme.

Learning: The trainers will engage participants in interactive discussions that will address management, leadership and self-awareness concepts. Through these sessions, the participants will become sensitive towards the needs of the Company as a whole. They will understand why it is important that they become team players. EQTD will ensure that the sessions are engaging & entertaining with audio/visual aids.

Teambuilding Activities: Experiential learning through activities will cement the theoretical learning. The uniqueness of EQTD’s activities is that each activity is focused on an objective. Instead of merely engaging in activities, the trainers will set up the perimeters for learning before the start, and will engage in extensive debrief sessions at the end of each activity.

Programme Objectives
  • To ensure that participants focus on complementing one another for teamwork and team results;
  • To instill in the participants the requisite self-leadership drive that will ensure that they step up and take charge of their work and teams;
  • To help participants understanding the importance of effective communication among each other.
  • To ignite in the participants the desire to move out of the comfort zone;
  • To make certain that the team members appreciate the responsibilities of team management.
Learning Outcomes
  • They will know the need to step up and how to take charge of their work and support one another;
  • The participants will understand their role in the Company more clearly;
  • They will be aware of how to develop the ”?winning team’ attitude;
  • They will understand on the importance of being proactive in their jobs;
  • The participants will be able to resolve conflicts constructively;
  • They will understand how to work under pressure;
  • They will work with common vision & the shared goals of the Company.

Our Most Recent Making Teams Work Clients

Wilmar International, Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MGCC), Tan Chong Motor Assemblies, Havi Logistics, CIMB Group, Danone-Dumex, Empire Hotel Brunei, Samsung, Ajinomoto, AmGeneral Insurance, Talent Corporation Malaysia

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